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Earth Science Course Expectation

U1 Nature of Science

Total Solar Eclipse Activity


U2 Matter and NRG


U3 Motions of the Earth and Moon

Earth’s Motions

PPT1 Earth In Space

PPT2 Earth’s Motions and Seasons


The Moon

PPT1 Moon’s Phases

PPT2 Eclipses and Tides

PPT3 Moon Features and Impact Theories


U3 Solar System

PPT1 Inner Solar System: Mercury and Venus

PPT2 Inner Solar System: Earth and Mars

PPT3 Outer Solar System Saturn and Jupiter

PPT4 Outer Solar System Uranus and Neptune

PPT5 Minor Objects

PPT6 Meteors

PPT7 Origin of Solar System


Essays Perfect Examples


U4 Sun and Stars

PPT1 The Sun

PPT2 Constellations and Brightness

PPT3 Types of Stars

PPT4 Star Life Cycles

Sun and Stars Notes


Spectroscopy (Origin of Colors) Lab

Sun and Stars Crossword

Essay Perfect Example (#1-2 only; see class notes for #3-4)