Mr. Gleitz
6th Grade Science Course Calendar

Unit: Nature of Science

Week of 8/12 - 8/17

M - What is Science?

hw: Print, Read, and Sign Course Expectations (Click back, see documents)

T - Scientific Experiments

 hw: Print, Read, and Sign Course Expectations (Click back, see documents)

            Complete Information Sheet

Bring Donation

            Read Lab Safety, Complete Reverse Side

W - Lab: What Affects the Swing of a Pendulum? (pt 1)

hw: None

Th - Pendulum Lab, pt 2

F - Measurement: Imperial System vs. SI

hw: Pendulum Lab due


Week of 8/20 - 8/24


M - Measurement: Imperial System vs. SI

hw: None

T – Dimensional Analysis

hw: Finish DA WS

Answers (you must show work!): 1.) 2500cg  2.) .00372L  3.) .042m 4.) 380cm 5.) 7kL 6.) 56.5km 7.) 42kg 8.) 81.9qts 9.) 14mi 10.)1.1gal BONUS) Gleitz $$ if you can do it.

W - Measurement: Imperial System vs. SI

hwWrite the directions to make a marshmallow fluff and jelly sandwich in a step-by-step format. I may use your directions to try to make a sandwich in class, so write them as clearly and completely as possible. For the demonstration, I will have a butter knife, a paper plate, a loaf of sliced white bread, a jar of marshmallow Fluff, and a jar of grape jelly out on the table. The object of this assignment is to illustrate the importance of clear, specific writing.

Th – MMFJ / Sci Procedures Demo

            hw: none

F – Health Screening/ Setup online textbook

hwAccess online textbook [mySCS > Connect Ed > Earth Science Text > eBook (top right corner)]
Read p10-16. Take one paper page of notes in preparation for knowledge check.

(see Grading Tips page)

Week of 8/27 - 8/31

M – Knowledge Check / Measuring Distance in SI Lab / Discuss Pendulum Lab

hwRedo Pendulum Lab

T – Wrap Up Distance Lab, Start DA Part II (WS here)

            Hw: Using the SI System Worksheet (study this for quiz Fri)

W – Dimensional Analysis Part II

            Youtube Tutorial #1 (

            Youtube Tutorial #2 (

            hw: Finish Dimensional Analysis Thinksheet Part II; #1-15 are not mandatory (practice) but

#16-20 is collected as a grade (here)

Th – Mass Lab

            hw: Study Using SI System Worksheet for Quiz; Finish Mass Lab Q

F – SI (Metric) System Quiz / Mythbusters Sci Method (

            Hw: Purely optional for G$: bring in some Diet Coke or Mentos

Week of 9/3 – 9/7

M – No School

T – Volume Lab

W – Volume Lab

            Hw: Simpson’s Thinksheet (collected Thurs)

            Hw: Finish volume lab (collected Thurs)

EC Crossword (here collected Fri)

Make sure notes complete (except for graphing)

Skim Review Game Q (here)

Th – Finish Notes (graphing) / Note Check / Review Game

F – Unit 1 Test

Unit: Matter and Energy

Week of 9/10 – 9/14

M – Note Check from Intro Unit / Start Notes Matter and NRG

T – Phet Building Atoms Activity

W – Phet Building Atoms / Discuss DC-M

hw: Subatomic Particles Worksheet

Th - Compounds, Mixtures, and Properties of Matter

hw: Read p 73-75,  prepare for Knowledge Check (on Tue)



Week of 9/17 -9/21

M – Thermite: Chemical Reactions and Energy Transfer in Action 

T – KC p73-75 / Notes – Energy

W- States of Matter

hwEssays 1, 2, 3 (skip #4) (here); Prep for Note Check and Review Game

Please Note 

1. Do not use 2 sheets if both essays fit on 2 sides of one sheet. Your essays are probably too long if you need a second sheet, but if you do, attach it with a staple please. Type if you wish.

2. If you think you're ready to respond early to Essays 3 and 4, go ahead, but they are graded as a seperate assignment so please use a separate sheet and turn them in when they're due.

Th- Note Check, Review Game (questions here)

     hw: Study for Test; Crossword here (17 down: heterogeneous; 13 down: homogeneous; 36 across alloy)

F - TEST - Matter and Energy

     hw: none

Unit: Astronomy – Earth’s Place in the Solar System and Universe


Week of 9/24 – 9/28

M – Intro to Astronomy: Powers of Ten Video (here) and Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan Video (here)

Hw: None


T- Earth in Space

hwRead p 775-778 (up to Phases of the Moon).


W - Earth's Motions / KC p775-778

homework: TBA


Th – Seasons

homework: Essay 1-3


F - Video: Spaceship Earth

homework: EC Crossword, prepare for Review Game and Note Check (postpone to weekend if needed)

Dress for 20 minutes of solar radiation during Shadow Lab.