Mr. Gleitz
6th Grade Science Course Calendar

Week of 8/14 - 8/18

M - What is Science?

     hw: Print, Read, and Sign Course Expectations (See documents)

T - Scientific Experiments

     hw: Read text p 6-9, prepare for Knowledge Check (see Grading Tips page)

W - Lab: What Affects the Swing of a Pendulum? (pt 1)

     hw: Read p 10-16, prepare for Knowledge Check

Th - Pendulum Lab, pt 2

     hw: Pendulum Lab due

F - Measurement: Imperial System vs. SI

     hw: none

Week of 8/21 - 8/25


M - Eclipse Activity

     hw: none

T – Simpson’s Scientific Method ThinkSheet

     hw: Finish Eclipse Activity and Simpson’s ThinkSheet

W - Dimensional Analysis

     hw: Worksheet: Dimensional Analysis

Th – Measurement: Imperial System vs. SI

     hw: (1) Finish Dimensional Analysis Thinksheet (2) Write the directions to make a marshmallow fluff and jelly sandwich in a step-by-step format. I may use your directions to try to make a sandwich in class, so write them as clearly and completely as possible. For the demonstration, I will have a butter knife, a paper plate, a loaf of sliced white bread, a jar of marshmallow Fluff, and a jar of grape jelly out on the table. The object of this assignment is to illustrate the importance of clear, specific writing.

F - Precision and Accuracy

     hw: Thinksheet: Using the International System


week of 8/28 - 9/1

M – Precision and Accuracy; Start Measuring Distance in SI Lab

     hw: Using the SI System Worksheet

T - How to B.S. in Science, Finish Distance Lab

     hw: Essays 1 - 2: (Essay questions are in Docs and Links.) Use your notes to help you answer the essay questions. Your essays should be clear, specific, concise, and on topic, just long enough to completely answer the question. Answer directly; there’s no need to restate the question. Your goal is to demonstrate understanding, so explain where necessary, and feel free to use examples. Remember, 2 of the 5 essays will be on the test!

 W – Dimensional Analysis #2

     hw: Finish Dimensional Analysis #2 Q#1-10 only (here); Read p 17-19, prepare for Knowledge Check

Th -  Graphing Data (handout here)

     hw: Worksheet: Graphing Data (See Graph Tips here and handout here)

F - Lab: Measuring Volume, pt 1

     hw: Essays 3 - 5 (due Tuesday 9/5)

week of 9/4 - 9/8

M - Labor Day

T - Lab: Measuring Volume, pt 2 (due at end of period)

     hw: Prepare for Note Check and Review Game (see Grading Tips page)

Note Check, Review Game

      hw: Study for Test (See Review questions here and essay questions from above)

Th – Mythbusters Video

      hw: none

F 9/8 – F 9/15 No School (Hurricane Irma)


week of 9/11 - 9/15

M – Review for test

T – Test Unit 1 (no hw)

W – Notes

Th – Phet Building Atoms Activity

F – Health Screening

week of 9/25 -9/29

M - Compounds, Mixtures, and Properties of Matter

    hw: Subatomic Particles Worksheet

T - Density Lab

     hw: Read p 73-75,  prepare for Knowledge Check (on Thursday)

W - Rowing Field Trip

    hw: none, if you did last night's hw

Th - States of Matter

    hw: Essays 1 and 2 (here) *

*  Please Note 

   1. Do not use 2 sheets if both essays fit on 2 sides of one sheet. Your essays are probably too long if you need a second sheet, but if you do, attach it with a staple please. Type if you wish.

   2. If you think you're ready to respond early to Essays 3 and 4, go ahead, but they are graded as a seperate assignment so please use a seperate sheet and turn them in when they're due.

     hw: none

F -  Energy

     hw: E C Vocab. Crossword

week of 10/2 -10/6

M - The Hydrologic Cycle

     hw: Prepare for Note Check and Review Game

T - Note Check, Review Game

     hw: Essays 3 and 4

W – Thermite: Chemical Reactions and Energy Transfer in Action

     hw: Study for Test

Th - TEST - Matter and Energy

     hw: none

F - Definition of Mineral

     hw: None



week of 10/9 -10/13


M - Mineral Identification Properties (here)

     hw: Read p. 91-95, prepare for KC


T - More Mineral Identification Properties

     hw: Read p. 96-101, prepare for KC


W - Special Properties of Minerals, Elements and Compounds

     hw: None


Th – Minerals Notes

     hw: None


F – Minerals Notes

     hw: None




week of 10/16 -10/20


M - Professional Day - No School


T - Lab: Minerals Notes

     hw: Essay 1 and 2


W - Introduction to Rocks, Igneous Rocks

     hw: Read p 112-117, prepare for KC


Th - Classifying Igneous Rocks

     hw: Read p 118-123, prepare for KC


F - Minerals in Igneous Rocks



week of 10/23 -10/27


M - Sedimentary Rocks

       hw: Read p 141-144, prepare for KC


T - Classifying Sedimentary Rocks

     hw: Essay 3 and 4


W - Metamorphic Rocks and The Rock Cycle

     Hw: Essay 5


Th – Ch4 Review from textbook, Start Crystals Lab

      Hw: finish Ch4 Review


Fri – Crystals Lab

   Hw: None




week of 10/30 – 11/3


M – Finish Crystals Lab, Start Minerals Lab


T – Minerals Lab

Hw: none


W – Minerals Lab

Hw: Crossword, Review Game Q


Th – Rocks Lab (See key here)

Hw: Crossword, Review Game Q


F – Review




week of 11/6


M – Rocks and Minerals Test

Hw: none



T - Introduction to Plate Tectonic Theory

    hw: None


W - Evidence of Continental Drift        

    hw: Read p 473-479, prepare for KC


Th - Evidence of Continental Drift

    hw: Read p 480-485, prepare for KC


F - Video: Amazing Earth

    hw: None

week of 11/13 -11/17


M - Continental Drift Morphs into Plate Tectonics

    hw: None

T – Wrap Up Notes (no hw)
W- Hotspots lab (no hw)

Th – Paleomagnetism Lab (no hw)

F – Paleomagnetism Lab (no hw)


week of 11/20 -11/21

M – Amazing Earth Video

T – Amazing Earth Video (no hw)

week of 11/27 -12/1

M – Wrap Up Earth Video / Essay #1-2

Hw: Essay 1-5, Start Crossword


T – Work on Essay #5-10 / Crossword

Hw: Finish Essay #5-10, Crossword


W – Note Check / Review Game
hw: Review! See Review Game Answers and Essay Answers on Mr. Dacey’s Website


Th – Plate Tech Test (Postponed until Friday)


F – PT Test



F - Earthquakes - Where, When, & Why


week of 12/4 -12/8


M - Seismic Waves and Folded Rocks


T - Video: The San Andreas Fault

    Read 19.1 and 19.2 (p528-538) and supplement notes


W - Earthquake Effects

    Suggested Reading: p 545-551


Th - Lab: Locating Earthquake Epicenters (1.5 periods)

    Suggested Reading: p 500-507

    Study Review Game for Midterm!


F - Earthquake Prediction, finish Epicenter lab

    Study Review Game for Midterm!


week of 12/11 -12/15


M – Review for Mid-Term Exam


T - Review for Mid-Term Exam


W - Mid-Term Exam


Th - Volcanic Features & Types

hw: Read 18.1 and do 18.1 SR #1-6 in class. If you have a midterm on Friday, finish this later.


F - Volcanic Eruptions & Products

     Intrusive features

     Suggested Reading: 18.2-18.3 p 508-517

week of 12/18 -12/21


M -  Video: Hawaii


T - Note Check & Storytime

  hw: E.C. Crossword


W - Review Game

    hw: Study for Test


Th - Test: Earthquakes and Volcanoes



week of 1/8 -12/12


M - Fossils

    hw: None


T - Fossils, Environment & Time

    hw: Read p 606-609, prepare for KC


W - 
         (Read above as well if needed)

    hw: Read p 590-594, prepare for KC


Th - Reading the Rock Record

    hw: Read p 595-600, prepare for KC


F – Radiometric Dating Notes

Hw: none

Week of 1/15-1/19

T – Constructing Geologic History Lab

Hw: None

W – Constructing Geologic History Lab

Hw: Finish Lab. For age ranges/ geologic time needed in Part B, see index fossil names on bottom of last page of lab and p.591


Th – Radiometric Dating Textbook Work/Wrap Notes

    hw: Read p 601-605, prepare for KC

          Essay 1-3 if you want no hw over weekend


F - Radiometric Dating / Start Lab

    hw: Essays 1-3 (due Monday)


week of 1/22 -1/26

M - Lab:  Radiometric Dating (Phet here)

   hw: Read p 648-654, prepare for KC



T – Wrap Up Lab/ Do KC’s/ Brief History of Earth pt2

 hw: Read p 655-659, prepare for KC


W - Time & Changes in Living Things

hw: Read p 660-665, prepare for KC


Th - A Brief History of Life on Earth, pt 1

Hw: None


F - A Brief History of Life on Earth, pt 2

hw: Essays 4-5


Week of 1/29 -2/2


M - A Brief History of Life on Earth, pt 3

hw: EC Crossword


T – A Brief History of Life on Earth, pt 4

Hw: none


W-  Finish a Brief History of Life on Earth/ Human Evolution

Hw: Finish XWord/ Study Review Questions


Th - Review Game, Note Check

    hw: Study for Test


F - Test - Earth's History

Astronomy – Earth’s Place in the Solar System and Universe


week of 2/5 -2/9

M - Earth in Space

homework: Read p 775-778 (up to Phases of the Moon). Prepare for Knowledge Check (may be done tomorrow night instead)


T - Earth's Motions

homework: Watch the video Powers of Ten. (see Docs and Links page)

As you watch the video, list, in order, the objects encountered along the journey. Make 2 lists: one from 0 meters to the edge of the known universe, and the other from 0 meters the smallest edge of human understanding.


W – Seasons

KC p775-778

homework: Essay 1-3


Th - Video: Spaceship Earth

homework: EC Crossword, prepare for Review Game and Note Check (postpone to weekend if needed)

Dress for 20 minutes of solar radiation during Shadow Lab.


F – Review Game


M - Lab: Shadows, Direction, and Time

homework: None

Week of 2/12- 2/16


T – Test

Hw: Work on Shadows Lab; Read p754-769 and prep for KC


W - Electromagnetic Radiation (with spectroscope demo)

Homework: None

Th – Refractor Telescopes

homework: Read p 41-46, prepare for Knowledge Check, Shadow Lab due


F – Lab EMR Phet

homework: Essay 1


Week of 2/19 -2/23

M - Presidents Day: No School


T – Finish Phet Lab (Video: Landing the Eagle postponed)

homework: None


W - Reflector Telescopes

homework: None


Th - Unmanned Space Exploration

homework: Essays 1-2


 F –  Lab: Refractor Telescopes

homework: Find a video of someone electrocuting a pickle and research on the web.

Answer in a short essay (1 paragraph):

(1) Why does the pickle glow? What does the frequency of light tell us?  Relate it to the Phet Colors of Light Virtual Lab

(2) What does this have to do with astronomy, anyway?

Week of 2/26 -3/2

Unmanned Space Exploration

homework: None


Manned Space Exploration (with vacuum demo)

homework: Essays 3-5

- Manned Space Exploration

homework: EC Crossword due, Prepare for Note Check, Review Game

Th – Manned Space Exploration

F - Note Check, Review Game

homework: Study for Test

M - Test

homework: None

T – Intro Video: Origin of Moon

homework: Read p 778-780, prepare for K.C. (due Wed.)

The Moon

W - Lunar Phases

homework: (above)

Th -  Eclipses

homework: Read p 781-783, prepare for K.C.

F - Tides

homework: Essays 1-2

week of 3/12 - 3/16

M - Lunar Surface

homework: Essays 3-5

T - Minilab: Interpreting Lunar Surface Features

homework: EC Crossword, Prep for Notecheck

W – Notecheck, Prep for Review Game

homework: Prepare for Note Check and Review Game

Th - Note Check and Review Game

homework: Study for Test

F – No School

homework: None

M – Test


T - Introduction to the Solar System

homework: Read p 804-810, take notes for Knowledge Check

W – Intro to Solar System

Th/Fri – SS Lab


Week of 4/2 - 4/6

M - Video: Outer Planets

homework: Read p 811-815, take notes for Knowledge Check


T - Jupiter

homework: Essay 3-4


W - Saturn

homework: Read p 816-819, take notes for Knowledge Check


Th - Uranus, Neptune, and the Kuiper Belt

homework: Read p 796-799 (up to Modeling the Solar System), take notes for Knowledge Check


F - Minor Members of the Solar System

homework: Essay 5 (Essay 1-5 collected Monday); If your parents allow download “Star Chart” on your phone and another device and bring it in.


Week of 4/9 - 4/13

M – Nebular Hypothesis / Finish Essay Question #5

homework: Prep for Review Game; If your parents allow download “Star Chart” on your phone and another device and bring it in.


T – Review Game

homework: Study; If your parents allow download “Star Chart” on your phone and another device and bring it in.


W – Solar System Test

homework: Read p 816-819, take notes for Knowledge Check


Th – Universe Virtual Telescope Lab

Worldwide Telescope Link (here)

Shared Document Link (here)

homework: None


F – Universe Virtual Telescope Lab Day 2

Worldwide Telescope Link (here)

Shared Document Link (here)

Virtual Telescope Places to Visit Link (here)



homework: Finish Lab Questions if needed; Read p 830-836, prepare for KC

(If you want to look at it) Virtual Telescope Places to Visit Link with Pictures (do not open in class) (here)

Due to FSA we will not be meeting until Wed, so you have a few days to do this homework.

Week of 4/16 - 4/20

M – Sun Notes                              






Th – Constellation Notes


F – Start Star Evolution Notes

Hw: Essay 1


Week of 4/23 - 4/27


M – Lab Understanding Constellation


T – Lab Understanding Constellation

homeworkRead p837-p846 (Notes p841-846 only)


W - Types of Stars

homeworkRead p847-851 (Notes all); Work on EC Crossword, due Friday

(Postponed until Friday for FSA takers)

Th - Life of Stars

homeworkEssays 2-4, EC Crossword, prepare for Note Check and Review Game


F - Note Check and Ketchup for FSA takers

homeworkStudy for Test

week of 4/30 - 5/4

M –Review Game


T - Test: Sun and Stars  


W – Intro to Universe

homeworkRead p. 862-864, prepare for Knowledge Check


W – Galaxies

homeworkRead p. 862-864, prepare for Knowledge Check


Th – Notes

homeworkRead p. 865-868, prepare for Knowledge Check


F - Parallax Lab

week of 5/7 - 5/11


M – Knowledge check, H-R lab

homeworkRead p. 869-873 (up to The Expanding Universe), prepare for Knowledge Check

(do on night you do not have FSA)


T - H-R lab

homework: Read p. 873-877 (starting with The Expanding Universe), prepare for Knowledge Check 

(do on night you do not have FSA)


W- Notes

homework: (make sure above hw complete)


Th – Notes Origin and Fate of Universe

homework: (make sure above hw complete)


F- Knowledge Checks / Work on Notes

Week of 5/14 – 5/18


M – Work on EC Crossword / Review Game

homeworkThings to review for final exam

(1)  Final Exam Review Crossword (handed out)

(2)  Practice Final Exam (Questions handed out with no answers)

(3)  Final Exam Review Game Questions (Mr. Dacey website)


T - Final Exam Review Game (part 1)

homeworkStudy for Math Exam


W - Final Exam Review Game (part 2)

homeworkStudy for Universe Test


Th - Test: The Universe

homeworkStudy for Earth Science Final Exam


F - Final Exam